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Accessibility Support Staff Training 

Training is available for support staff, keyboard training, delivery skills and product knowledge that will assist students with learning difficulties and disabilities. Supporting the learners more efficiently in the following programs,Word Processing, E-mail and the Internet. 

For more information contact: ICT Tutors

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I.T. Training Courses for the Visually Impaired!

Are you a visually impaired person living in the Tyne & Wear area? 
Would you like to learn new skills, gain qualifications and return to the working environment? 

We have full or part time courses available located in the North East area.  If you are interested in computers and have a visual problem please contact us! 

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How can someone with a visual impairment use a computer? using Jaws, Super nova and Hal. 

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Screen Readers with Magnification Facilities: 

Brief description: 
A screen reader will read out the text on your computer screen. Varying from a simple text document to a complex web page. 
Some screen readers even give you the choice of male or female voice synthesizers, which have greatly improved in recent years. 

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Screen options:

Choose the settings that will suit your requirements for example changing your computers screen background colour from white to black and setting the text colour as white.  These colours suit me, but you may choose different colours.

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Magnification levels: 

Increase the magnification level to suit your needs; with a magnifier screen reader you can enlarge the screen text to any size you require.  Zoom in on images such as photos and pictures, enlarging them so you can see every detail. 

Regardless of your sight condition, we have a screen reader that is suitable for you. 

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Screen Readers for non-sighted computer users: 

With the advances in screen readers the non-sighted computer user can gain full access to the World Wide Web, e-mail and office skills. 

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Who needs a mouse! 

A mouse is not much use to a non-sighted computer user, so we use the keyboard instead of the mouse.  Using the keyboard has certain advantages over a mouse user; mouse users have to perform several actions to complete a task.  Moving the mouse pointer to a menu then clicking the mouse pointer on the menu to open the options. Then moving the mouse pointer onto the required option and clicking the mouse. 

Using shortcut keys on the keyboard you can achieve the same results as a mouse user, by using keystroke commands.  The commands are simple and what might take several moves with a mouse can be achieved with one keystroke. 

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For more information on Training, help and advice please contact us!
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